You actually CAN make a difference. A Start To ZERO WASTE Living.


You've seen the videos of sea turtles choking on plastic straws and the outer space views of the earth's surface changing rapidly from climate change. I'm not going to beg you to realize what's happening because you already know. I am however going to try to help you help the earth.

There's no way that I personally can make a difference. One person cannot make an impact. Nothing I can do will change anything. 

I have said each of those statements out loud and believed them. That was until I picked up a random Martha Stewart Magazine and read an article about Lauren Singer. One article started a seed in my brain even though I've been pounded with this information for YEARS. So , here's to hoping this is YOUR seed planting article. Long story short, ONE woman has saved THOUSANDS of pounds of trash from the landfill + reduced her yearly waste to fit inside a mason jar. 

Here's the article online

Obviously I'm not on that level, YET. But here are some awesome ways to help out Mother Earth, she needs us, okay? 





-       Switch to a reusable bottle made from stainless steel or glass! I got this super cute glass bottle with a bamboo cap by Pioneer Woman from walmart!  (get it here)

-       Carry reusable to-go silverware with you in your car or purse so you can say no to one use plastics . Mine are made from bamboo + come in a cute carrying case ( Get Yours here!)

-       Carry a stainless steel straw ( I got a 4 pack from walmart) or say “No straw please “ at the bar. It won't kill you to drink from the glass, I PROMISE.

-       Switch to a bamboo toothbrush. 4.7 BILLION toothbrushes are thrown in the landfill every year + they DO NOT EVER decompose. (Here's what I switched to)




-       Start a compost ! I made a compost bin from an old mineral lick tub (repurposing wooo) by drilling holes for air and covering it up with an old board. Composting is NOT hard. I keep a little flip top trash can on the counter and fill it with all my compostable items then dump it in the compost when its full. You can compost wayyyyy more than you think you can. Egg shells, dryer lint, orange peels, pepper guts, black + white newspaper and blank cardboard….the list goes on and on and on. 

-       Switch to a menstrual cup ( I use the Lena Cup) no more tampon waste or its plastic packaging + applicator. PLUS you can use your cup for up to 2 years , talk about saving some cash. (Shop Lena Cup)

-     Reusable shopping bags : I got this adorable string bag that expands + can hold up to 40 pounds + my reusable produce bag here!

-     When choosing products at the grocery store be aware of double packaging. For example cereals with a bag and a box, choose one with just a bag instead! 




CHECK WHATS IN YOUR MAKE UP – Make sure the companies you buy from are concerned about the planet you call home. Palm Oil is in a lot of beauty products ( especially cosmetics) and is ruining South East Asia's forests. 


PLANT A TREE- no explanation needed. Oxygen is good .


PLANT A VEGETABLE GARDEN –  This saves from extra packaging at the store + reduces pesticide use. It also doesn't require fuel to get to the store or ship the produce. Use your compost  to boost your garden!

These suggestions aren't even the tip of the iceberg of what you could be doing to make an impact on your world. BUT I hope it helps you get started, that's all it takes. You'll be hooked and feel amazing too. If you want more ideas or have any questions PLEASE message me!

For more waste free inspiration follow these accounts! 





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