What's on your bucketlist?

One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.
— Paulo Coelho

To start off I LOATH the word bucketlist. To me it sounds like far off wishes and checklists you’ll never get around to actually checking off. I want my bucketlist to actually happen; life is so temporary and what the heck are we doing if not shooting for the stars right?! Second, I would like to say sharing these with you and making them public knowledge makes my skin crawl a little and I’m sweating just thinking about hitting publish.  Your bucketlist/f*ck it list/ goals should scare you is what I’m told so I believe we are on the right track here.



-       WRITE A BOOK : I am a serious, never look up from the page, can’t eat, don’t sleep book worm. I have serious emotional reactions (read: ugly crying ) to whatever I’m reading whether it’s an off the wall book about a dragon princess or a historical biography about an inspiring woman. I have ALWAYS wanted to bring those reactions out in readers. I remember as a child, starting “books” and never finishing them. I probably never finished them because I always started by dreaming up my character list which was VERY detailed and confusing. What I’ll eventually write my book about is in the air yet but until then i'll keep typing away on my corner of the internet.  Keep an eye out for my latest must read list!

-       START A NON PROFIT /CHARITY: Those who know me or read my posts or follow me on social media know I am an extremely passionate person. I wish I could say I’m super passionate about one thing but that is simply not the case. I would love to make a HUGE impact by starting and running a non-profit or charity. Is there a way to combine women’s empowerment, agriculture education, Cystic Fibrosis research, animal welfare (not the PETA kind ok) + saving the environment into one?

-       WORLD TRAVEL: Let’s be honest here this bucketlist entry has it’s very own list (I’ll share that with you too) I have no idea where this obsession with travel came from, it’s not something hugely popular in my family or even my close friend group. All I know is that I think this crazy amazing rock we all call home is worth exploring. I want to see every inch of it + meet as many people as I can. I'm trying to cover the earth before it covers me, ya know?

-       HOST/CREATE A CREATIVE RETREAT: I believe collaboration and community is INSANELY important in all aspects of humanity but especially in the creative realm. The things I am most proud of likely came from an idea I bounced off a fellow creative/ friend + it snowballed. I want to curate a retreat that’s less like a conference and more like a bunch of gal pals putting their heads together –sharing-creating – learning all while dipping their feet in the pool and stuffing their faces with tacos.  I’ve seen retreats like this for photographers or designers but I’ve never seen one that brings together ALL kinds of  creative beings. Does this sound appealing to you?! Let's do it!

-       START /HOST A PODCAST – This terrifies me because who wants to hear my voice played back … No one . The answer is no one. Am I the only person who despises hearing the way they sound on an answering machine? Yuck. However, I LOVE to talk and I LOVE to interact with like minded people ( and not so like minded too) . Also, Would I have enough to talk about? My Fiance says “ Yes, you never shut up”. I often worry about people making jokes about the things I want to do, saying things like “Who cares what she has to say ? I wish she would just shut up.” But I have learned to do the things I’m interested in so that I can live a life I love with zero regrets. If you’re one of those people that loathes hearing my voice then I suggest you don’t tune in !

-       LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE- Or maybe even multiple! Languages are beautiful and the people who speak them even more so. I took four years of German and could probably find a bathroom and order a sausage in German but I’d probably get the genders wrong. I’ve briefly tried to learn Italian which is MUCH easier than the small stint of Russian I tried. You should look up the Russian alphabet, mass confusion. For short, easy lessons I loved using Duolingo it makes learning a language like a cell phone game, one that doesn’t rot your brain. I hope to actually master at least one other language than my native one.

-       LIVE AS CLOSE TO WASTE FREE AS POSSIBLE: I have always been conscious of the environment and I’ve wanted to make a difference but I thought that what little I could do wouldn’t really make a significant impact in the grand scheme of things. I thought this for 24 ( almost 25 ) years of life. Until I read a write up in Martha Stewarts magazine; about a young woman who managed to create only enough waste to fill a mason jar IN AN ENTIRE YEAR. She has managed to save thousands and thousands of pounds of waste from going to a landfill by recycling, reducing, using eco- friendly products + almost eliminating her plastic waste. So basically she’s absolute goals and I’m sharing all the ways I’m going green + reducing waste in another blog post!

-       FUTURITY A HORSE I RAISED + TRAINED: For the readers who don’t know a “futurity” in barrel racing is a competition in which 4-5 year old horses are run for their first shot at prize money. These horses are obviously trained in the sport but just haven’t competed for money yet. It’s their big debut as a competitive barrel horse. I have barrel raced my entire life (minus the last few years, I’ve only rode colts) but I think bringing a horse all the way from breaking to the futurity pen would be one of my biggest accomplishments. We just had a filly hit the ground about a month ago so I’ve got my eye on her.

-       BE THE BREADWINNER : my fiancé is the hardest working man I know so this is probably going to be my toughest check on this list.  He loves his work as a rancher more than I can explain to anyone. I want that in my life. That’s why I’m working to build this awesome brand that inspires + influences and actually makes a difference in the world. Yes, I want to pull in the dough but more importantly I want to LOVE what I’m doing + be successful too.  I would also love to be able to pay my parents back for all the support  (both monetary + emotional) they’ve given me.

WHEW getting that all out there was tough, thank you for reading through my biggest dreams. I want to know what is on your Bucket/F*ck it List?! Tell me your dreams + let me lift you up towards your goals.  Also I need to know if you’re nervous about sharing them with the world? If you are, you’re probably on the right track as far as goals go BUT remember that your dreams + goals matter just as much as anyone elses and if someone judges you or thinks less of you for the dreams in your head then I say those aren’t the kind of people to surround yourself with darling! If it matters to you, then that’s all that matters.




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