It's been 6 months already?!

HAPPY 6 Months of full time graphic design . wait whatttt.


How on earth did that happen?
First off let me say I am so very thankful for each and every one of the amazing people I’ve got to work within the last few months.  From boutiques to influencers to photographers and other boss babes I seriously cannot thank you enough. I have had the most amazing time bringing your visions to life.

I’m here to tell you there will ALWAYS be sunshine after the rain. In fact I’m hoping to encourage you to smile through your storm.  About seven months ago my life got turned upside down + everything in our lives changed. I didn’t know it then but the universe was just setting the stage for the best yet to come.

So let’s start at the beginning, my fiancé and I were newly engaged and living in Valentine Nebraska. I was riding colts and working at a veterinary clinic while he ranched. Everything was peachy and going according to plan. Then came the curve ball…. We had to leave our lease ground with very short notice and by we I mean around 300 cows, 6 horses, 2 dogs + me and my fiancé. I had to leave my job at the veterinary clinic and move to a town of 500 people in rural Nebraska. After what seemed like an entire month of moving livestock and stuff from our house we moved into a camper on my Fiance’s parents’ ranch. Yes, I wintered in a camper + showered in my future in laws house for right around 5 months.

What in the hell do I do now?! Was all I could think to myself, there isn’t a huge job market in a town of 500 let me tell you. I could continue to ride colts sure; but winter in Nebraska isn’t the best time for that. Then I thought maybe I should put those design courses to use; the ones I bought a year ago and didn’t finish. This is how my freelance design career began. I have always craved a creative lifestyle but never thought that I could really make it work. My little biz bloomed ya’ll. I could not believe it. My business thus far has been totally based off of referrals and I AM SO DANG THANKFUL FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Because of my amazing client- friends I am able to work for myself, live creatively, create my own schedule, work form anywhere and continue to ranch with my fiancé. What a ride this life is, I feel so incredibly blessed.

I won’t pretend packing all my things, leaving every friend I had and multiple grocery stores was easy. Living in a camper without water and heat that sometimes didn’t work on freezing cold nights wasn’t super fun either. However, the people in my life made all the difference: my fiancé, my parents , my future in laws + every single person that trusted me to create something for them. Out of the chaos came the best thing that’s ever happened to me (aside from Shaner) and I will always smile through every storm from here on out.

These days I get to work from my HOUSE not the camper and soon I’ll have my very own office.  Here’s to learning and building and living the best life possible. I am beyond excited for the future.

Now I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone I’ve worked with so far this year. If you need a photographer or you’re looking for a new boutique or someone amazing to follow on social media please browse the list below ( I’ve included their instagram handles!). Thank you again to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart, I obviously wouldn’t be doing this without you.

For The West & Wild Photography @forthewestandwild

Emily Nicole Photography

Meghan Gates – Salt Lick Lifestyle @saltlicklifestyle

Every Wild Hair @every_wild_hair

The Turquoise Drifter @theturquoisedrifter

Fling Falsies @flingfalsies

Shelayne Scotch Photography @shelaynescotchphoto

Samantha McPherrin Photography @s.mcpherrin

2 Diamond photography @2diamond_photo

Cattle Creek Mercantile

Saddles n Lace Boutique @saddlesandlace

Social Starr PR @madelynstarr

Anna Cox Photography @anna_cox

Styled By Sterling @styledbysterling

Maggie Mae Images @maggiemaeimages

Hevyn’s Touch – Equine Massage @evynsharkey

Haley Schroeder Photography @haleyschroederphotography

HP Ranch

Deadra Lynn Photography - @daedralynnphoto

Breelle Hilsenrath Photography - @breellehilsphoto

I’ve got tons of great posts coming your way, including my killer road trip! I am LOVING getting back to writing. Thanks for hanging out with me in my tiny corner of the internet. 



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